Privacy & Security


ValiantMarkets views its customer’s security of paramount importance and has implemented a series of security measures to ensure that usage of the ValiantMarkets platform is fully secure.


In order to trade using the ValiantMarkets platform, the registration process must be completed. It is recommended that clients take precautions to ensure that their username and password are not divulged to unauthorized persons. User passwords are encrypted and are not visible by ValiantMarkets personnel. ValiantMarkets personnel will under no circumstances request a client to reveal their password. Any such request should be regarded by the client as security breech and reported immediately to the ValiantMarkets service center.


Passwords must be between 5 and 15 characters. It is recommended that a combination of characters and digits are used that cannot be easily deciphered. Users may be requested periodically to change password in order to maintain security. Users that suspect that password security has been compromised are recommended to change their password.


In order to access the Trade section of the ValiantMarkets platform the username and password must be entered correctly.


In order to exit the platform the client is able to logout.


Information transmitted between the ValiantMarkets and client personal computers is encrypted using a 128 bit ssl encryption certificate. Sensitive data (e.g. password) is maintained in encrypted format.

ValiantMarkets information technology staff supervise all activities including performance of routine checks to ensure that security integrity is maintained.

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