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  • Apply for  links, to become ValiantMarkets’s IB.
  • Apply for the corporation of FOREX trading platform. ValiantMarkets  can provide you the best FOREX technology.
  • Apply to become an ValiantMarkets regional agency, for example: Taiwan, Hongkong,American or japan.

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Why ValiantMarkets Affiliate is one of the ValiantMarkets brand, dedicated to the two option for global investors to provide perfect platform and financial service, with advanced technology and professional services, provide competitive as a global financial investment products. We are committed to the forefront of the development of financial services and financial security to meet the various needs of investors. We are composed of rich experience in risk management, foreign exchange market, contracts market, investment management, financial derivatives investment and IT technology of bank and legal person, so as to ensure that the investors in the security environment in the trading and risk of accurate calculation, and finally realize the profit maximization.

ValiantMarkets brings together the most cutting-edge technology and to provide professional services to many years in the financial market experience for customers in more than 100 countries. We provide a variety of underlying assets (including: FOREX), account management and technical analysis and whenever and wherever possible, investors may be 24 hours in financial markets.

I believe you know the development process in the two options, the transaction platform, the customer service and learning tools almost daily in the continuous development. And two yuan in the contract of the world, we are committed to providing innovative and safe and convenient for the customer’s investment environment. By maintaining constant technology, development of new products, you will pay attention to our growing, we believe that in the future we prospect in two yuan contractis broad, we hope you can join us this joy.

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If you have the intention to become our IB, please submit your information to contact us.

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